Selection of completed transactions (M&A)


Exclusive adviser to Koteko on its sale to Prevas


Financial advisor to Akustikbyggarna at the investment of Erik Selin Fastigheter AB


Exclusive adviser to Sentexa
on its sale to Novedo


Adviser to Stora Fasad AB
on its sale to Balco


Adviser to Marklund Solutions
on its acquisition of Hema Energi


Adviser to FÖ Byggnads AB
on its sale to ByggConstruct


Adviser to Karlsons Ortogonal
on its sale to Teodoliten


Adviser to Simtuna Bygg
at its sale to Fasadgruppen


Adviser to Sala Elektriska
on its sale to Bravida



Adviser to Karlsons Koordinater
on its acquisition of Ortogonal



Adviser to Byggmäster i Mälardalen
on its sale to Erlandssonbolagen


Adviser to Sura Magnets on its sale
to Investment AB Spiltan


Previously conducted business (M&A)

Adviser to Swedish state owned Lernia on its sale of Lernia College till Thoréngruppen
Adviser to Diesel Motor Nordic on its sale to J2L Holding
Adviser to Karnell on its sale of Linjebesiktning to Sequent Invest
Adviser to Motala Verkstad on its sale of Motala Train
Adviser to Conlego on its sale to Mannerheim Invest
Adviser to Hissgruppen on its sale to Accent Equity