Sale of Karlson’s Ortogonal to Storskogen’s subsidiary Teodoliten

Nygren Nordén Advisory was advisor to the owners of Karlsons Ortogonal on the sale to Storskogen’s subsidiary Teodoliten.

On June 1, Storskogen, through the subsidiary Teodoliten Förvaltning AB, became the majority shareholder in Karlsons Ortogonal AB (“Karlsons Ortogonal”). Karlsons Ortogonal a measurement technology company with a strong local position in the Stockholm area.

“In recent years, Karlsons Ortogonal has shown stable profitability and had a good profit development. We have a good project base and we have a bright view of the future. With the help of Storskogen as the majority owner and the knowledge in measurement technology found in Teodoliten, we hope to be able to develop the company further. For me and my colleagues, it feels very fun to enter into a collaboration with Storskogen and Theodolite.” says Olle Karlson, CEO at Karlsons Orthogonal.

“Karlsons Orthogonal with its 19 years of experience and competent employees will be a fantastic partner in the Stockholm area. Olle Karlson and Viktor Broander will continue to run Karlsons Ortogonal and I am personally very much looking forward to working together with them. I am convinced that together we will continue on an exciting journey in the Stockholm region and with common traction and exchange of experience from each other, we will take ourselves to new levels. ” Says Joakim Hixén, CEO at Teodoliten.

About Storskogen
Storskogen is a Swedish privately owned business group that acquires and develops small and medium-sized companies, primarily in Sweden. Storskogen was started in 2012 and has a diversified company portfolio containing 51 independent companies with a total turnover of approximately SEK 9 billion.


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