Acquisition of Hema Energi och Miljö by Marklund Solutions

Max Rindborg and Patrik Marklund

HEMA Energi och Miljö AB, with Max Rindborg as the driving force, has over the years developed and supplied tools and calculation tools for power and cogeneration plants, above all in ABB’s information services PGIM and SPH.

Through the acquisition, Marklund Solutions gets unique tools and knowledge to improve the plants’ process calculations and reporting. We, at Marklund Solutions, are proud and happy to take over and continue the long work that Max has done, while we look forward to continuing to work with Max as support both with existing customers and with new customers.

About Marklund Solutions
Marklund Solutions AB is a consulting company that primarily works with technology, business and market development for companies with energy production in the form of combustion.


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